Egg and Speed Egg
Design Information


My board design is faster, turns tighter, paddles better and takes late drops better than all other boards! And Here's Why:


My fin boxes are moved up 2 inches further off the tail than all other boards, allowing for quicker, tighter turns.


The adjustable center fin gives this board a wide range. Cluster the fins at 7 inches for waist-high waves, and the board turns like a fish, a 7 ½ inch fin spread for head high days, and 8 ½ inch spread for overhead surf and the board rides like a semi gun.


My extra soft rails, round pintail allows for quicker, tighter, smoother turns.


The bottom concave that flows into double concave with a "Speed Spot" between your feet. This unique design is what makes my board much faster.


Exceeding industry standards, my boards have a 2/3 deck patch for additional strength to prevent deck cave-in.


Finally, the combination of a thicker, lighter XTR epoxy blank increases the boards Paddle Power, maneuverability and speed in small surf.

"Pins Rule, Squares Drool"


J. Blair

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