Design Information


My board design is faster, turns tighter, paddles better and takes late drops better than all other boards! And here's why:


My fin boxes are moved up 2 inches further off the tail than all other boards, allowing for quicker, tighter turns.


I suggest using an 8 ½ inch single moved up in the box for surf up to head high. This makes the board more maneuverable and easy to turn from anywhere on the board. Try it on your board and see.


When using side-bite fins, remove the larger fin and replace with a 7 inch center fin - it works the best.


No gloss on the board = a faster, lighter, and more maneuverable.


Extra soft rails, round pintail allows for quicker, tighter, smoother turns.


The bottom has a concave that flows into double concave with a "Speed Spot" between your feet. This unique design is what makes my board so much faster.


A little more nose kick allows for late drops. No catch, no pearl.


Exceeding industry standards, my boards have a 2/3 deck patch for additional strength to prevent deck cave-in.


Finally: Combing a thicker, lighter XTR epoxy blank increases the boards Paddle Power, maneuverability and speed in small surf.

"Longboards Rule"


J. Blair

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