SUP Videos

Medical Breakthrough:

Joe's in China giving Instructional tips


Fox 6 News Interview

FOX 6 San Diego

Stand Up Board Touch Up Tips

SUP Touch Up Tips


10-1 SUP/Surfing Board

8'-11" and 10"-1" Rap

8-9 Stand Up Paddle Board

8'-9" SUP


Stand up paddle surf boards for big boys

SUP's for big boys

Stand Up Paddle Surf Tricks Session

SUP Surf Tricks


Blair SUP Tricks 360 and Helicopter

SUP Tricks

New SUP Design Tips

New SUP Design Tips


2 Stand Up Guys Use Blair SUP's

2 Stand Up Guys Use Balir SUP's

Blair Carbon Fiber SUP

8'-7" Carbon Fiber


Blair Carbon Fiber SUP Tricks

8'-7" Carbon Fiber SUP Tricks