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SUP 11-0


Quad Fin

10' 4" Length
33 - 3/4" width
5" thick
188.5 Volume

Available in XTR Epoxy

Sandwich Construction

Available White, Blue, Red, Yellow, or Turquoise


These boards have built in handles which make them easy to carry

These boards turn 7 inches shorter than their length and are extremely fast, hardly any tail rocker.

Standup Paddle Board


Quad Fin

11' 3" Length
35 - 1/2" width
5 - 1/4" thick
240 Volume

Available in XTR Epoxy

Joe's stand up paddle board outline is influenced by his speed egg model.

concave in the nose fading to double concave through the speed spot with a subtle transition to "V" in the tail. The board features plenty of nose kick to prevent pearling and ample tail rocker for easy turning. Finally, the most important factor is the fin placement; several inches further up than all other boards.

Come and try this evolving, historic style of surfing. Boards are currently available for you to take out for a spin so you can try before you buy; please call for availability.

Currently, the above sizes are in stock; these boards can be made any size you desire. Call us for more information on custom shaped orders.

Standup Paddle Board Standup Paddle Board

Killer race Boards


12' 6" Length
16 - 1/2" nose
29 - 1/2" width
16 - 3/8" tail
5" thick
206.9 Volume

XTR Epoxy Model

Watch it on YouTube:

Full Single Concave Bottom

Many unique extras

Can build you one any way you like

This Racing board can be made any size for any weight person. I Can build you one any way you like...

Standup Paddle Board


10' - 1" Length
19 - 1/2" nose
29 - 1/2" width
18" tail
4 - 1/4" thick
17.8 lbs weight
143.2 Volume

XTR Epoxy Model

Available in any fin configuration; single fin, 3-fin or quad fin

Stand up paddle boarding is a very unique sport. 80% of the exercise is used by every muscle in your body to maintain balance, the remaining 20% is paddling

Although typically concentrated on ocean coastlines, this historic sport can be enjoyed on any inland lake or calm river throughout the world

The three fin and the quad have much more acceleration out of the turns that a single fin

Fin placement which is confidential is a major factor in high performance stand up paddle boards.